Friday Reading 2017-06-09

Exciting day today as I’m presenting my first webinar on SQL Server & Containers in the GroupBy June conference! There’s a whole bunch of other great sessions going on there today, I highly recommend that you check them out.

Been a busy week but when I’ve had some time I’ve been reading…

Why I try to help with dbaools
Things like this are on my to-do list but I never really know how to approach it, so this is a cool post by Shane O’Neill (t) on how he got into working on dbatools.

Unable To Call Into C Compiler !?
Nice problem solving post by Arun Sirpal (t)

How I optimised my life to make my job redundant
An old post by Troy Hunt (t) but a good read.

var Microsoft Data Platform MVP = “Yip.”;
Hamish Watson (t) on becoming an MVP.

SETI “Wow!” Signal Wasn’t Chatty Aliens After All — It Was a Fizzing Comet
A 40 year old mystery explained!

Have a good weekend!

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