Lightening talk – An Introduction to Partitioning

Session aimed at Database Administrators\Developers who have not previously implemented partitioning within an OLTP database and is designed to give a brief overview into the concepts and implementation.

Session covers the following:-

    • An introduction to partitioning, core concepts and benefits
    • Overview of partitioning functions & schemes
    • Considerations for selecting a partitioning column
    • Creating a partitioned table
    • Explanation of aligned and non-aligned indexes
    • Manually switching a partition
    • Manually merging a partition
    • Manually splitting a partition
    • Demo on partition implementation & maintenance

Full session – SQL Server & Containers

Session aims to give an introduction into containers running SQL Server on Windows Server 2016.

Session covers the following:-

    • Defining what containers are (benefits and limitations)
    • Configuring Windows Server 2016 to run containers
    • Installing the docker engine
    • Pulling SQL images from the docker respository
    • Running SQL Server containers
    • Committing new SQL Server images
    • Exploring 3rd party options to run containers on previous versions of Windows Server (real world example)