Docker Deep Dive

Played around with SQL Server in containers and want to delve further into the platform? This session is for you!

In this session we’ll dive straight into the Docker platform and investigate its internals.

This session covers: –

    • Container isolation
    • Container networking
    • Persisting data for SQL Server
    • Custom images
    • Docker compose

This session is aimed at anyone who has experience with running SQL Server in a container and who wants to learn more about the platform.

SQL Server & Chaos Engineering

In this session we will explore the concept of Chaos Engineering, its core concepts, and the methodologies behind it.

Then we’ll look at how it can be implemented with regard to SQL Server. SQL has various different high availability solutions but can you be sure that they’ll react as expected to a real world issue? Has your HA architecture only ever been tested in a planned maintenance window?

How can we test potential weaknesses in SQL Server with Chaos Engineering experiments? We’ll go through how to identify issues and then run an experiment.

We’ll also have some fun by looking at KubeInvaders, a chaos engineering tool for Kubernetes…using Space Invaders!

This session is for SQL Server DBAs and Developers who want to know how Chaos Engineering works and want to learn its main principles.

SQL Server & Kubernetes

Running SQL Server in containers has huge benefits for Data Platform professionals but there are challenges to running SQL Server in stand alone containers. Orchestrators provide a platform and the tools to overcome these challenges.

This session will provide an overview of running SQL Server on the leading orchestrator, Kubernetes.

Topics covered will be: –

    • An overview of Kubernetes
    • Definition of deployments, pods, and services
    • Deploying SQL Server containers to Kubernetes
    • Persisting data for SQL Server on Kubernetes
    • An overview of Helm
    • Chaos Engineering for SQL Server on Kubernetes using Space Invaders!

This session is aimed at SQL Server DBAs and Developers who want to learn the what, the why, and the how to run SQL Server on Kubernetes.

Azure SQL Containers

As containers are becoming more and more prevalent, this session provides an introduction to the different options of running containers in Azure.

I’ll cover the following different options for running Docker in Azure: –

    • The Azure Container Registry
    • Azure Container Instances
    • Azure Container Services

This session is aimed at SQL Server DBAs and Developers who have some experience with Docker (Docker for Windows) and want to know the different options that are available in Azure.

Each topic will be backed up with live demos which will show how simple it is to get up and running with these technologies.

SQL Server & Containers

There’s a lot of buzz about containers in tech at the moment and this technology has benefits that the SQL Server community simply shouldn’t be ignoring.

This demo based session will provide an introduction to SQL Server containers, explore the various options when running containers, and give a real-world example of implementing containers in a development environment.

Attendees will be taken through the following: –

    • The definition of containers
    • Virtual Machines vs Containers
    • Pulling SQL images from the docker repository
    • Running SQL Server containers
    • Creating custom container images
    • Persisting data in containers
    • A real world implementation of containers

An Introduction to Partitioning

Partitioning has been available in SQL Server since 2005 but there can be a lot of misconceptions around it. This session will give attendees a refresher through partitioning concepts and the implementation of those concepts through live demos.

Session covers the following: –

    • Partitioning definition
    • Overview of partitioning functions & schemes
    • Considerations for selecting a partitioning column
    • Creating a partitioned table
    • Indexing considerations
    • Manually switching a partition
    • Manually merging a partition
    • Manually splitting a partition
    • Implementing sliding windows
    • Filegroup restores