GroupBy Conference – SQL Server & Containers

Morning all, busy week last week as I was lucky enough to have my session on SQL Server & Containers in the top ten voted for sessions in GroupBy’s June conference.

This was my first webinar and even though it was nerve wracking, I’m really glad I did it. An online presentation is (of course) very different to presenting in person as you don’t have an audience to gauge how things are going, you just keep ploughing ahead and trust that what you’re presenting works.

I’ve done this session a couple of times beforehand so I know that it works so was happy to chat away in my living room and take questions at the end.

One really cool thing about the session was having Rob Sewell (b|t) & James Anderson (b|t) involved, chatting with them and Brent Ozar at the end was probably the highlight for me.

By the way, both James and Rob presented sessions as well, you can find on the main GroupBy page.

Anyway, in case you missed it, here’s the video: –

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