Friday Reading 2016-12-02

Another week almost over so here’s a random selection of articles that I’ve been reading…

Changing the SQL Server port on Linux
Denis Gobo goes through the process of changing the port that an instance of SQL Server running on Linux is listening on

Reload a table quickly
Kenneth Fisher talks about how to reload a table’s data. It’s a really nice tip!

Free scripts and tools for SQL Server
Free scripts and tools from the Microsoft Tiger Team for monitoring SQL Server. Run them on a dev instance first!

Docker and Canonical Partner on CS Docker Engine
An agreement between Docker and Canonical means that stable, maintained releases of Docker will be available as snap packages on Ubuntu. Another step into making containers a viable production option (support being available is a big thing).

Capacity Planning Using Performance Data
Excellent article by Erin Stellato on capacity planning, with links to articles by the equally good Glen Berry.

Have a good weekend!

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