Monday Coffee 2016-12-05

You are the DBA your company makes you. Aren’t you?

SQL Server has such a wide range of features that no DBA role will implement all of them. So, you use a certain subset in each role that you occupy throughout your career. What those features are depends on the role.

However your job as a DBA is to (at the very least) be aware of the features that SQL Server has to offer. That way when you’re presented with an issue from your business you can suggest ideas based on your knowledge of those features.

Need an efficient archiving solution? Partitioning and stretched databases will help you out.
Need your systems to have 99.999% uptime? Always On availability groups are there.
Need a cold standby in your disaster recovery environment? Take a look at transaction log shipping.

The list goes on.

What the absolute best thing about working with SQL Server is, is the amazing community that has built up around it. Online communities like SQL Server Central, Stack Exchange and the #sqlhelp tag on twitter are brilliant resources filled with people who dedicate no small part of their free time to helping other data professionals out.

In addition to those resources there’s also a tonne of free training events on offer. In person events such as SQL Saturdays and online events such as the Pass Virtual Chapters.

Technology is always evolving and SQL Server is no exception. Just look at all the new features that have become available in the last month alone! It can feel like keeping up-to-date with everything that going on is impossible but with such great resources available to your average DBA, it needn’t be so taxing.

Thanks for reading.

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