Migrating SQL Server container images to the Github Container Registry

A couple of months ago Docker announced that they would be implementing a 6 month retention policy for unused images in the Docker Hub.

This was due to kick in on the 1st of November but has now been pushed back until mid 2021.

I’ve had multiple Windows SQL Server container images up on the Docker Hub for years now. It’s been a great platform and I’m very thankful to them for hosting my images.

That being said, I want to make sure that the images that I’ve built are always going to be available for the community so I have pushed my SQL Server images to the Github Container Registry.

In the Docker Hub I have the following public SQL Server images: –


These images won’t be removed (by myself) and I will update this post in the event of them being removed.

But they are now available on the Github Container Registry: –


Bit of a disclaimer with these images…they’re LARGE! The 2012 dev image is ~20GB which is gigantic for a container image. So if you going to use them (for dev and test only please 🙂 ) you’ll need to pre-pull them before running any containers.

Thanks for reading!

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