Displaying the tags within the SQL Server docker repository

A while back Microsoft moved all their SQL images to their new registry mcr.microsoft.com which means that we can no longer see the SQL repository when running docker search

Error response from daemon: Unexpected status code 404

To be honest, this isn’t really that much of an issue for me. I know the name of the repository that has the SQL Server images in it. What I really want to be able to do is view the tags of the images within it (this was a pain point with the images in the mssql-server-linux repository as well).

So I was pretty excited when a few days ago I saw this tweet by Tobias Fenster which said that mcr.microsoft.com supports the hub catalog API.

The hub catalog API allows us to view the tags of images within a repository!

It’s really simple to get the tags (the trick was finding the correct HTTP address): –

$repo = invoke-webrequest https://mcr.microsoft.com/v2/mssql/server/tags/list

And there we have it, all the tags listed for the SQL Server images within the repository.

Thanks for reading!

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