Friday Reading 2018-04-06

Feels like an age since I posted some links. So busy these days!

I’m really excited today as tomorrow I head to North Carolina for two weeks. My company’s HQ is out there and I’m also presenting at SQL Saturday Raleigh next weekend. My first American SQL Sat! 🙂

Recently, when I’ve had the chance, I’ve been reading…

Troubleshooting SQL Server Scheduling and Yielding
Good post on the MSDN blogs about an issue that I’ve had to deal with recently

How to recover/rebuild Master Database in Linux?
I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on about SQL on Linux and this is a cool post by Max Trinidad (t)

Procedure to Create New Filegroups and Files
Tracy (t) with a nice post on a stored proc to create new files and filegroups

When to use Quotes in PowerShell Splatting
Shane (t) with a tip when splatting

Rob Sewell talks about dbatools on RunAs Radio
Rob (b|t) talks about dbatools on the RunAsRadio podcast

Have a great weekend!

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