Friday Reading 2018-01-19

It’s been absolutely freezing here in Dublin this week. Been spending pretty much all time wrapped up indoors reading…

Discussing PASS Linux Content with OVA Winner Tracy Boggiano
Tracy Boggiano (b|t) talks to PASS about Linux content in the PASS Virtual Groups

Best newish SSMS feature
Jason Brimhall (t) shows us how to enable the scrollbar map in SSMS

When A Log Backup Does Not Truncate Your SQL Server Log Files In An Availability Group
Edwin Sarmiento (t) explains a situation where logs files won’t be truncated when a database is in an availability group and how you can monitor

Pester 4.2.0 has a Because…… because 🙂
Rob Sewell (t) details the Because parameter in the Pester pre-release version 4.2.0

How I designed my VMware vSAN based Home Lab
Klaus Aschenbrenner (t) goes into detail on the specs of his home lab (v. cool)

A Closer Look at OUTPUT
Mark Wilkinson (t) shows us some interesting ways to use the OUTPUT clause

Have a good weekend!

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