Friday Reading 2018-01-11

Phew, what a week! Have been looking for a new flat to live so it’s been a bit mad. Have hopefully found a place, let the paperwork begin!

In between running around like a madman, I’ve been reading…

Free SQL Server Quizzes
Kendra Little (t) has written a whole bunch of tests on various aspects of SQL! Try your knowledge 🙂

RIP Swag Bags (and some other changes for SQL Relay 2018)
Alex Yates (t) drawing on experiences from SQL Relay 2017 and the changes to SQL Relay 2018

SQL Server 2017 CU2 Bug with msdb Compatibility Mode
Tracy Boggiano (t) details a bug with SQL Server 2017 CUs (yep, it’s in CU3 too)

SQL Server Configurations – Back to Basics
I’ve been working on automated checking of SQL config settings. Always good to have a refresher, here’s Jason Brimhall’s (t) back to basics article

Kubernetes Deployments Compared To Docker Swarm Stacks
With Docker announcing support for Kubernetes (it’s out for Docker on MAC), what is the difference between K8 & Swarm? Viktor Farcic (t) discusses

Have a good weekend!

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