Blogging for four years!

I find it absolutely amazing that I’ve been writing this blog for four years. My first ever post My 5 pieces of advice for new DBAs was published way back in November 2013.

I started out writing one post per month, just on areas that I was working on or topics that I found interesting. Over the last year I ramped that up to one technical post a week, one editorial, and on Fridays a post linking to articles I’d been reading. The difference that’s made has been phenomenal!

(hits on my blog by year)

Ok, obviously just publishing more posts a week wouldn’t cause that increase in hits. 2017 has been a really exciting year for me as I found a topic that I really enjoy writing about and have started regularly presenting session about it (give you three guesses what that topic is 🙂 )

I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished this year and 2018 looks to be even more exciting. I’m working on a couple of new sessions and there’s a load of great events coming up.

It still blows my mind that when I started out presenting it was just to see if I could do it (just like starting this blog was) and now I’m working on different presenting techniques to deliver the best session that I can.

Hope you all had an amazing 2017, bring 2018 on!

Thank you for reading!

6 thoughts on “Blogging for four years!

  1. Congrats! It really is like a snowball – as long as you keep putting the work into it, the traffic multiplies. Keep up the good work!

  2. Good work! I haven’t even known that you are writing the blog so long. I’m at the beginning of my way with my SQLPlayer and see it’s not very bad having only one post per month.

    • Thanks Kamil. One post per month is good to aim for at first, it gives you time to research. You’ll soon find that writing becomes easier and you can step the frequency of posts up

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