Monday Coffee: Long hours worked

Last week I asked the following question on twitter: –

I had a load of responses from a lot of DBAs out there who have worked some crazy shifts, you can see all the responses here

My personal record is due to a data centre migration. We moved all our physical kit from on-site to a data centre. I racked up 23 hours straight, followed by another 14 hours.

Pretty heavy going but nowhere near some of the responses I had (seriously there were some mammoth shifts in there).

I’m not sure how everyone else feels about these kinds of shifts. They’re definitely not enjoyable when they’re happening but I kind of hold onto mine as a badge of honour. Something that every DBA goes through and it’s one of those experiences that I feel has made me a more seasoned DBA.

Saying that, I don’t want any 20+ hour shifts again any time soon 🙂

Have a good (hopefully not too long) week!

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