Friday Reading 2017-09-29

Another busy week almost over and today I’m heading to Utrecht for SQL Saturday Holland! Never been to Utrecht before so am going to spend some time exploring 🙂

This week I’ve been reading…

Ask HN: Would you run SQL Server on Linux?
James Anderson (t) asks Hacker News readers if they would run SQL Server on Linux

When deadlocks become art
Matthew McGiffen’s (t) post on some deadlock horrors!

Scheduling powershell tasks with sql agent
Dbatools (t) post on how to setup powershell jobs in the SQL Server Agent (I’ve always found it to be a pain)

Measure Your Docker Containers’ Resources
Nick Janetakis’ (t) post on how to measure resources consumed by your containers

Who is using Docker containers and why?
Kumina infographic on how Docker is being implemented

Announcing the public preview of PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell
Finally, powershell is available in Azure Cloud Shell

Have a good weekend!

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