Upcoming speaking events

Back in March I did my first “feature length” presentation at SQL Saturday Iceland

At that point I’d done a few lightening talks and wanted to see if I could move into hour long presentations. I was really nervous doing it but after the first 10 minutes I settled down and really enjoyed presenting.

Since then I’ve done a couple of online webinars, SQL Bits and have started sending abstracts to nearly every SQL event that I can attend.

I was expecting to only get a couple of sessions over the next few months but I have been blown away with the amount of sessions that I have been given.

Here’s the current list (hopefully there’ll be more): –

SQL Saturday Cambridge: 9th of September

Cork SQL User Group: 20th of September

SQL Saturday Holland: 30th of September

SQL Saturday Denmark: 7th of October

Reading: 9th of October
Leeds: 11th of October
Birmingham: 12th of October
Bristol: 13th of October

If you’re at any of these locations and want to learn about SQL & Containers, come and jump into my session! Even if you can’t make it to my session, I’ll be at the event all day so just come up and say hi! šŸ™‚

Have a good week!

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