Friday Reading 2017-09-01

Going to be a busy few weeks as conference season gets into full swing. Really looking forward to the next couple of months, lots to do and lots of places to visit. 🙂

Anyway this week I’ve been reading/watching…

HASSP-2 Has Returned to Earth!
The second launch of the really cool High Altitude SQL Server Project took place last Saturday. Drew Furgiuele (t) talks about the day and the results

HASSP-2 – Side Facing Camera Footage
Pretty cool footage on youtube from one of the cameras

Offline Microsoft Documentation? Download it!
Cláudio Silva (t) shows us how to download MS docs with PoSH

Creating Continuous Integration Build Pipelines With Jenkins, Docker and SQL Server
Chris Adkin (t) shows us how to build CI pipelines utilising SQL Server containers

SQL Server on Linux Engineering Town Hall: Introduction to SQL Server on Linux in Docker Containers
The next MS Town Hall focuses on SQL Server running in Linux containers. Interested to see the best practices section

Kubernetes Meets High-Performance Computing
Cool post discussing the challenges of running high performance computing workloads with Kubernetes

Have a good weekend!

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