Friday Reading 2017-07-21

Fun week! I moderated a couple of great sessions for 24 Hours of PASS: Summit Preview. As someone getting into presenting, watching the Pros do it is invaluable.

Here’s the sessions that I moderated: –

PowerShell for DBAs, What’s in it For Me?
Ben Miller gave a great overview of the powershell for DBAs out there just getting into it

Becoming Proficient with Columnstore Indexes
Niko Neugebauer with an introduction to Columnstore Indexes – really handy if you haven’t used them before

On Transactions and Atomic Operations
Gail Shaw with a cool back to basics sessions on how transactions within SQL Server work

Recordings should be up in a week.

I’m also speaking for the PASS Virtualisation chapter next month, at 17:00 (UTC) on the 9th of August. Details are here, hope you can join in!

Have a good weekend!

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