Friday Reading 2017-06-30

Second test for the British & Irish Lions tomorrow, they need this one to keep the series alive. I’ll be up early to watch it tomorrow, the team selection is here.

But anyway, this week I’ve been reading…

Using SQL Server Diagnostics
Arun Sirpal goes through how to use a new extension for SSMS that analyses SQL Server dump files

PowerShell Module for the SQL Server Diagnostics API ā€“ 1st Command Get-SQLDiagRecommendations
Continuing looking at the new SQL Server Diagnostics tool, Rob Sewell goes through a powershell module he’s built to interact with the API

Demystifying Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator and SQL Server HA Configurations
Allan Hirt clarifies an area that always been a bit of a black box for me, Distributed Transactions

SQL Server 2012 SP4 now to be released in September 2017
I wonder what they found when testing šŸ™‚

‘Vaccine’ created for huge cyber-attack
There’s a defence against the latest ransomware, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be fully patched

Have a good weekend!

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