Friday Reading 2017-06-02

The weather in Dublin has reverted to type (aka rain) but hopefully we’ll get some sun this weekend! This week I’ve been doing a lot of work with powershell so what I’ve been reading kinda focuses on that…

GitHub – PowerShell Module for Docker
A powershell module for docker!

Parsing Docker Commands
Thought I’d (shamelessly) plug my own Github repo for working with docker đŸ™‚

AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell
I’ve been troubleshooting our AWS snapshots this week so have been reading the official documentation for the powershell AWS tools

An excellent powershell module for interacting with SQL Server. Getting to grips with this is something I’ve had on my to-do list for far too long.

Microsoft Doubles Down on Containers with Deis Acquisition
An article about Microsoft acquiring a company called Deis. Further proof that Microsoft is in the container business for the long run.

Have a good weekend!

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