Monday Coffee 2016-11-28

MCSA SQL Server 2016

The new SQL 2016 MCSA exams are out and joy of joys, the DBA path no longer requires the Data Warehouse exam! I say this as a DBA who has had limited practical exposure to the topics covered by that exam so it’s always put me off going for the MCSA.

I feel that the MCSA should be a test of the knowledge that you’ve acquired through practical experience, so that the award is recognition of skills earned. Of course there’s going to be areas that you need to study as nobody works with every feature of SQL Server but having limited experience of the entire subject matter (such as mine with the subjects covered in the Data Warehousing path) is another thing completely.

So now I have no excuse to get certified. Well, the exams are still currently in beta so I might wait…

Or will I go for them at all? I’ve never had an employer ask if I have the MCSA and I’ve met lots of people who have various Microsoft certifications but got them not by studying, but by finding the exam questions online and practicing them. To me that vastly devalues the certifications but now that Microsoft no longer the MCM the MCSA (and subsequent MCSE) are all we have.

Looking at these exams and knowing myself, whether I do them or not solely depends on my workload next year. I’ve a few projects lined up so if they go smoothly and if I have time, I’ll go for them (maybe).

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