Friday Reading 2016-11-25

Friday again so before I spend a weekend watching sci-fi movies, I’ll be reading:-

Virtue in the Virtual
Tony Davies discusses containerisation and virtualisation technologies and how they could be used to benefit processes within RedGate

Query wait stats in SQL 2016 SP1 Execution Plans
What a cool feature!

Source Control in SSMS
Ken Van Hyning, Engineering Manager of SQL Server Client Tools at Microsoft discuss enabling TFS integration in SSMS
(N.B.- To get this to work you have to uncomment all the lines in the section specified and then run SSMS as administrator. Interestingly enough this unlocks the dark theme but it’s not complete, the custom areas of SSMS won’t change)

Giving back with code
Steph Locke talks about the reasons why you should make the code you write publicly available

SQL Server v.Next—Linux Preview and Ola Hallengren’s Jobs
Joey D’Antoni talks about SQL Server vNext on Linux and gives a quick intro into using Ola Hallengren’s maintenance scripts

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