Friday Reading 2016-11-18

Another week almost over so in-between daydreaming about relaxing this weekend I’ll be reading…
SQL Server 2016 SP1 has been released. If you haven’t read this blog post yet, have a look at the first point when it details what new in SP1
SQL Server vNext is out for CTP. This includes SQL for Linux. Grab a copy of Ubuntu 16.04 and get installing!

SQL Server Tail Of Log Caching on NVDIMM
Bob(?) talks about the ability of SQL Server 2016 to use non-volatile memory to cache the tail of the log file (look at the IOPS!)

Microsoft SQL Server Team AMA
Dear Microsoft, where the heck is the dark theme for SSMS???? Seriously…

Code I’m still ashamed of
Bill Sourour talks about code he wrote as a junior developer and the grim functionality behind it

How we make money at StackOverflow
Nick Craver explains how Stack Overflow makes money and how they maintain their business ethics

The tale of the database with no indexes
Devon Leann talks about her strategy for dealing with a database that has no indexes (favourite line “…nary an index was present…” ha!)

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