Taking the Linux plunge

I’m a Windows guy.

Kinda have had to be, given my profession as a SQL Server DBA. But recently I’ve become a bit discontent with Windows. Nothing out of the usual has contributed to this, just things like UAC, updates etc.

Now in the past, I’ve had to suck these annoyances up and deal with them. But the world (well Microsoft) has changed.

With the release of SQL Server Operations Studio, Visual Studio Code, and powershell available as a snap on Linux; I now have tools required to be a SQL Server DBA on multiple platforms. Even SQL Server itself runs on Linux! (Anyone else still getting over that?)

So last week I took the plunge and bought a Dell XPS 13 running Ubuntu.

I’ve dual booted with Ubuntu for years so have always had the fallback to Windows there (just in case) but I’ve always seemed to manage. This isn’t to say that my Linux skills are up to par, I have a huge learning curve ahead of me.

Alright, I’ll admit that there’s a bit of shiny tech syndrome going on here but I am really looking forward to using something other than Windows as my primary laptop.

I’ll write a post after a couple of weeks of using it, hopefully I won’t have reformatted and installed Windows 10 🙂

Have a good week!