EightKB Summer 2021 Edition

The schedule for EightKB Summer 2021 Edition has been announced!

Here’s the schedule: –

N.B. – I particularly like that if you click on the session on the website, it shows the session abstract…nice work Mark!

Once again we have five top class speakers delivering five great, in-depth sessions on various SQL Server internals topics.

As any conference organiser knows, session selection is the worst part of running a conference. We only have five slots in each event which meant we ended up not picking some amazing sessions. BUT…anyone who submitted for this event will automatically go into the selection pool for the next EightKB.

We’ve also opened up registration for the event, it’s completely free and you can sign up here: – https://eightkb.online/

The event will be in Zoom and we’ll have chat going in the EightKB channel in the SQL Community Slack…please come and hang out with us there!

The Mixed Extents podcast is also going strong…we’re 10 episodes in and we’ve had a whole bunch of experts from the industry join us to talk about different topics related to SQL Server. They’re all on YouTube or you can listen to the podcasts wherever you get your podcasts!

Btw, all the sessions from previous EightKB events are also on YouTube so if you can’t wait until the next event to get your mind-melty internals content…check that out 🙂

EightKB and Mixed Extents are 100% community driven with no sponsors so, we have our own Bonfire store selling t-shirts! This year we a limited edition EightKB Summer 2021 range: –

Don’t they look snazzy?!

Any money generated from the store will be put straight back into the events.

EightKB was setup by Anthony Nocentino (b|t), Mark Wilkinson (b|t), and myself as we wanted to put on an event that delved into the internals of SQL Server and we’re having great fun doing just that.

Hope to see you there!

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