Data Relay 2019

My favourite UK Data Platform event is back for 2019 and has just opened for registration!

If you haven’t heard of Data Relay before, it’s pretty unique. It’s a 5 day conference but each of those 5 days is in a different city. Typically cities that don’t host their own data event.

This means that after each day, the event packs up and moves on. As you can imagine this poses quite a few challenges but it’s extremely satisfying to see it all come together.

The reason I like Data Relay so much is that it really fosters a sense of camaraderie between everyone involved. We’re all in it together to get each event up and running every day.

That’s how I got involved in the first place. I got selected to speak at each event in 2017 and ended up helping out with packing swag bags, moving boxes, and generally doing anything else that needed to be done. Have to admit, it was exhausting but really really good fun.

So if you’d like to come to one of the best community events on the calendar, this year’s schedule is: –

  • Newcastle – October 7th – Register here
  • Leeds – October 8th – Register here
  • Nottingham – October 9th – Register here
  • Birmingham – October 10th – Register here
  • Bristol – October 11th – Register here

Thanks for reading and hope to see you at Data Relay 2019!

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