Friday Reading 2018-07-20

Haven’t posted one of these for a while! It’s good to have some time back to be able to read/write.

I’ve had a pretty mixed week, but the highlight has definitely been pulling the trigger on buying a Dell XPS 13 running Ubuntu. The Dell is a pretty slick machine, I’ve seen a few people at events with them and I’ve always been really envious so I finally went and bought myself one 🙂

Will write a post about how I get on with it after a couple of weeks. Anyway, this week I’ve been reading…

Azure Container Registry Build Supports All Windows Versions
I’ve been playing around with ACR build recently (see here), more options are always welcome!

Azure Container Instances now available in Australia East, East US 2, and Central US
New regions available for deployment of ACIs

Public Preview of Row Mode Memory Grant Feedback in Azure SQL Database
More adaptive query processing improvements in Azure SQL Database

Day 1 of 4 – My life as a Production DBA (Technical Lead)
Garry Bargsley’s (t) series on his day to day life as a DBA

Kenneth Fisher (t) tells us about the LOADHISTORY option. I honestly didn’t know this existed.

Have a good weekend!

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