Friday Reading – Speaking Mentors

A new project underway is Speaking Mentors. I think this is an amazing idea and the response that it’s had already seems to have proved me right 🙂

There’s so many talented people involved I thought I’d put together a quick list of those who have written about the project on their blog. So here they are…

Speaking Mentors
Alex Yates (t) announcing the site

Giving back – Speaking Mentors
My post on why I wanted to join

I’m a Speaker Mentor!
Andy Leonard (t)

Exciting News!
Mark Wilkinson (t)

Exciting New Projects
Tracy Boggiano (t)

I’m a speaking mentor!
Angela Henry (t)

I’ve become a mentor
Alexander Arvidsson (t)

Setting mentoring ground rules
Although not part of Speaking Mentors, I thought I’d drop this blog post in by Paul Randal (t) as it has some great advice

Have a good weekend!

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