Friday Reading 2017-09-15

Excited for next week as I’m heading down to Cork to speak at the User Group there. Over 3 years in Ireland and I haven’t been yet, it’s about time.

This week I’ve been reading…

What does this little check box do?
Monica Rathbun (t) explains what checking the query governor to prevent long running queries tick box does

Your PASS Summit 2017 Speaker Idol Contestants Are…
Denny Cherry (t) details the line-up for this year’s Speaker Idol competition at Pass Summit

Sneak peek #3: Windows Server, version 1709 for developers
Official MS blog post explaining that the new insider version of Windows Server allows linux containers to run, very cool!

Running Ubuntu Containers with Hyper-V Isolation on Windows
And here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set that up!

Have a good weekend!

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