Friday Reading 2017-09-08

It’s going to be a fun weekend as it’s SQLSaturday Cambridge tomorrow! Haven’t been to this event before, it looks like it’s kinda big. I’ve got the slot just after lunch so hopefully everyone will manage to stay awake during my presentation 🙂

This week I’ve been reading…

Please Don’t Do This!
Monica Rathbun (t) asks us all not to leave the default fill factor setting at zero

Containers are not VMs
Old post on the Docker blog detailing the differences between containers and VMs

Why I joined Heptio
Dave Cheney (t) talks about virtualisation, containers and orchestration

DBA Fundamentals September 2017
Shane O’Neill (t) details what sessions the DBA Fundamentals VG has in September

GroupBy – September Sessions
The second round of GroupBy webinars in September is today. I can’t make it as I’ll be travelling but bookmarked and will come back to them.

Have a good weekend!

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