Friday Reading 2017-08-25

Great week this week as I’ve been selected to speak at 4 of the SQL Relay events in October! Really chuffed with that as it’s a whole week of talking about SQL Server & Containers! Anyway this week I’ve been reading…

The Trillion Row Table
What happens when you load one trillion rows into a table in SQL Server?

Docker images for custom SQL Server Installations
James Anderson (t) shows us how to run a SQL Server in a container with the Advanced Analytics features enabled. I was asked about this awhile ago and it really cool to see that James has worked out how to get it setup.

The Evolution of Container Usage at Netflix
Netflix launches one million container per week!

HASSP-2 Launch Details
Details of the second launch of SQL Server in SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE! (well, nearly)

Your Serverless Raspberry Pi cluster with Docker
Cool article about running Docker in Swarm mode on multiple Raspberry Pis

Have a good weekend!

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