Friday Reading 2017-08-18

Cool week, I’ve been selected to present at SQL Saturday Holland & SQL Saturday Denmark this year. September and October are going to be busy months!

Anyway, this week I’ve been reading…

Open Query Store v1.1 has landed!
v1.1 of the very cool project to enable Query Store functionality in versions of SQL Server before 2016 has been released

Working with Very Large Tables Like a Pro in SQL Server 2016
Guy Glantser (t) presenting on working with vlarge tables. What’s cool about this is he goes over new functionality that can help, stretch databases for example

SQL Server 2017 – New T-SQL Functions
Rob Reid (t) goes over some of the new T-SQL functions available in SQL Server 2017

Azure Cloud “Fear” Busting #4 – Losing Control?
Arun’s (t) final post in his Azure Fear Busting series (you’ve read the other ones right?)

Announcing the new release of Docker Enterprise Edition
Official Docker blog detailing what’s new in Docker EE v17.06

Have a good weekend!

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