Friday Reading 2017-06-16

Been looking forward to this weekend for a while now as it’s SQLSaturday Dublin tomorrow. I did a lightening talk at SQLSat Dublin 2016 and am really chuffed to have a full session this year. There’s a whole bunch of great sessions, Bob and the team always put on a great event. It’s going to be good fun 🙂

Anway, this week I’ve been reading…

Orchestrating SQL Server with Kubernetes
James Anderson (t) shows us how to manage groups of containers with Kubernetes

DB in recovery pending after TLog backup
David Fowler takes us through how he resolved an issue with a db going into recovery pending after a log backup

Simple SQL: Attribute Splitting
Joe Celko takes us through why relational database design is so important

The SQL Hall of Shame
Adam Machanic (t) did a survey on twitter to find out the most useless feature that SQL has ever had. Here’s the results.

OK, I give up. Is Docker now Moby? And what is LinuxKit?
Nice article about Docker’s shift to Moby

Have a good weekend!

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