Friday Reading 2017-05-12

The weather this week in Dublin has been absolutely fantastic, please hold out for the weekend. Anyway, whilst I’ve been stuck inside this week I’ve been reading…

Why PowerShell?
Why indeed? 🙂 Anthony Nocentino talks about why he got into powershell

Thoughts on public speaking / presenting / teaching
Erin Stellato from writes about how she got into public speaking.

How to attach a SQL Server database in a Linux Docker container
Mat Hayward-Hill goes through how to attach a database into a SQL instance in a linux container

How I became a DBA
Garland MacNeill tells us his career path towards becoming a DBA

Fighting for equality in big-wave surfing
These people are nuts! BBC article about a group of female surfers who want to take part in big wave surfing competitions

Have a good weekend!

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