Monday Coffee 2017-04-24

Back after a couple of busy weeks, kinda looking forward to getting back into the old work routine (ah, well maybe 🙂 )

Last week was a big week, I had my first article published on and there were a couple of small events going on called Docker Con 2017 and Microsoft Data Amp.

Docker announced that all the open-source projects are being consolidated under one name Moby. Not too sure what this means for the future of the project as Docker (the company) now want to focus on Enterprise (paid-for) solutions. Hopefully this is a good thing but time will tell.

The biggest announcement from Microsoft was that we now know that the next version of SQL Server will be called SQL Server 2017. Lots of new features to get stuck into but the one that caught my eye was Adaptive Query Processing.

There’s an excellent video here in which Joe Sack takes us through what AQP is and how it works. I definitely recommend that you give the video a watch.

I jokingly said on twitter that this feature is liable to put me out of a job. Obviously I don’t think that, the way I look at features like these is that they are another tool in the belt of the DBA. It will allow us to be freed up from routine tasks and focus on more in-depth work.

Plus, it’s not going to get things right all the time, is it?

Have a good week!

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