Monday Coffee 2017-04-03

Last week Pass announced changes to how speakers are going to be selected for their annual conference (you can read the announcement here.

There’s been a bit of a debate about the changes but as far as I can tell, these seem to be for the better (right?).

Inviting speakers with a proven track record of delivering high-quality presentations can only be a good thing and guaranteeing that a (albeit) small number of new speakers will be there will hopefully prevent presenting at Pass Summit becoming only available to a certain circle of people.

I’ve only been to the event once and I have to say, I found quite a few of the sessions there to be below-par. Don’t get me wrong, I also saw a few great sessions but if these changes improve the overall quality then I say that they are a good thing. Of course, it’s all about the execution so only time will tell if these make the expected improvements but I think Pass are doing this right.

They’ve asked for feedback here and have organised two online meetings so that we, as the community, have the chance to speak directly to them and voice any concerns that we may have.

Have a good week.

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