Friday Reading 2017-02-17

Is it me or is February dragging? Anyway, mixed in with this crazy week I’ve been reading: –

SQL Server vs SQL Server vNext
Henrico Bekker runs through a performance comparison of SQL Server against SQL Server on Linux

What Are FeFETs?
Article about a new memory type (FeFETs) that Startup FMC is developing

SQL Server in a Azure VM – What’s new
Channel 9 video in which Luis Vargas goes through what’s new for SQL Server in Azure

New Flagship Xeon E5 and E7 Processors
Glen Berry looks at the new Xeon processors

Altering a Job Step on Hundreds of SQL Servers with PowerShell
Rob Sewell details how he was able to make an alteration to hundreds of backup jobs in 5 mins (in an airport no less)

Have a good weekend!

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