Friday Reading 2017-02-10

Fun week, performed some RAM upgrades for my production SQL boxes which for one server, somehow fried its motherboard, hard drive AND backup drive, huh?? Meh, I like rebuilding servers…Also got a whole load of writing done so quite pleased with myself! 🙂

In-between all that, I’ve been reading…

Why databases are not for containers
I’ve been doing a lot of work into SQL Server running in containers recently and am keeping an eye out online for articles. Here’s one that’s in the minority…why you shouldn’t be using containers for database systems.

Understanding Docker for Windows
Continuing my docker obsession interest, here’s a youtube series on Docker for Windows, each part broken down into easily to digest sub 10 min videos.

Performance Testing: SQL Server on Linux vs Windows
Slava Murygin goes through a performance test of SQL Server running on Linux vs Windows.

Understanding Left vs. Right Partition Functions (with Diagrams)
Ever had your head slightly melted when trying to figure out partition boundaries? Kendra Little’s post has diagrams to make it (a little bit) easier.

Query Store: How it works? How to use it?
One of the new features that I haven’t played around much with (yet) is the Query Store. Here’s a technet post detailing what it is and how you can use it.

Have a good weekend!

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