Friday Reading 2017-02-03

2017 is trundling along now, this week I’ve been reading…

The GitLab incident report
We’ve all had that moment of “what did I just do??” Here’s how the guys at Gitlab responded to such a moment.

Linux OS Fundamentals for the SQL Admin
I don’t know how I missed this webinar but thankfully it’s been uploaded to youtube. Anthony Nocentino (b|t) goes over linux basics for us SQL DBAs.

How six lines of code + SQL Server can bring Deep Learning to ANY App
Rimma Nehme (t) goes through the what, why & how of using ML with SQL Server.

Stopping or Postponing an upgrade to SQL Database V12
Need to stay on v11 for now? Read this.

Hyper-V & powershell
Good starting reference for anyone using Hyper-V wanting to get into powershell

Have a good weekend!

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