Friday Reading 2017-01-26

Is it really still January? It seems like this month is dragging on a bit. Anyway, this week I’ve been reading…

Nearly everything has changed for SQL Server Powershell
The Scripting Guys at Technet go over the changes to SQL Server Powershell.

Learning Redis the hard way
Interesting post about the problems that Trivago had implementing Redis in their production environment.

Hack attaching a SQL Server Database
Argenis Fernandez details a way of hack-attached database with NORECOVERY, handy bit of knowledge to have.

How to secure your passwords with Powershell
Shawn Melton goes through how to store a password to be used in powershell scripts

Did someone say SQL Server AUTOPILOT?
Garry Bargsley takes us through using the undocumented DBCC AUTOPILOT command, cool stuff

And finally, why it’s called a patch

Have a good weekend!

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