Monday Coffee 2017-01-23

I like to think of myself as a fairly hardworking, motivated person. However I recently met someone who regularly gets up at 5am, works a 12 hour day and then (somehow) works out in the evening. They also ran 18km before 10am last Saturday. You know what I was doing at 10am on Saturday? SLEEPING!

Madness nearly overcame me as I started thinking, maybe I should be getting up earlier?

But when I really thought about it, I knew that that is never going to happen. I’m simply not a morning person, I do most of my work in the late evening. Everyone has different work patterns and is more productive at different points during the day. So I’m going to use this person as motivation for me to get more stuff done in my own work schedule and not get disheartened because whilst they’re out blitzing 18km, I’m sound asleep.

Plus, I’d never be able to get up at 5am.

Have a good week!

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