Friday Reading 2017-01-13

Ahh, is it really Friday the 13th?!! So before Jason gets me, I’ll be reading…

A whole day of PowerShell & SQL
Join Rob Sewell and Chrissey LeMaire at SQL Sat Vienna on the 20th of Jan for a pre-con on PowerShell and SQL Server

Why open offices are bad for us
I’ve only ever worked in open plan offices and I have to admit, the noise can be an issue.

The MongoDB hack and the importance of secure defaults
The cynic in me says that if this happened to a MS product, how much of a backlash would there have been?

Ooops! Was that was me?
Monica Rathbun details a mistake she made setting up SQL Server alerts and sets a challenge for others to blog about mistakes they’ve made whilst working with SQL Server

An Introduction to SQL Server Containers
Paul Stanton from Windocks runs through a quick intro into the world of containers running SQL Server

Have a good weekend!

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