Monday Coffee 2017-01-09

I’m almost back into the swing of things now after the Xmas break, that holiday feeling has just about left me.

For most people, there’s a good break over the Xmas period but most IT workers that I know had to be on-call for some or most of the holiday period. Being on-call is part and parcel of being a DBA and I honestly don’t mind doing it but I guess it’s really dependent on how much you get called! Ever been called when out at a restaurant? It does kinda suck…

I’ve been in roles where being on call that evening pretty much guaranteed that I’d be getting a call, which I admit, I wasn’t too keen on. Especially when the factors that lead to a problem with a system were out of my control and I’d just be firefighting the whole time.

I’m lucky now that my current role has allowed me to build a system that very rarely has problems and as such, I very rarely get called. Maybe that’s what being a good DBA (I like to think I am anyway) comes down to?

All the training courses, read articles & blogs, all the extra work that we put in is done so that we get bothered less? 🙂

Have a good week!

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