Presenting with SQL Server Management Studio

Short one this week as it’s the usual madness on the lead up to Xmas!

One of the cool things that was mentioned in the AMA that the SQL Server Team did back in November was a quick and easy way to setup SSMS for presenting.

N.B. – This only works with v17.0 which can be grabbed in the usual place.

Load up SSMS and hit Ctrl + Q to take you to the quick launch bar. Then type PresentON and that’s it! You’re setup for using SSMS whilst presenting!

So here’s a screen shot of SSMS with a simple query in it:-


And this is the same query after running PresentON:-


To reverse the process, simply type PresentOFF into the quick launch bar!

From what I can see, the main difference is that the text size has been taken up to 14 from 10, which may not be enough but it’s a start. Be pretty cool if, in a future version, you could customise this!

Of course, if you don’t have v17.0 (and I must admit, the part about it not being recommended for production use is a bit worrying) you can always follow Paul Randal’s guide on how manually setup SSMS for presenting and then save it as a template.

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