Friday Reading 2016-12-09

One week nearer to Xmas! Before I spend the weekend braving the centre of town desperately wondering what presents to get my family, I’ll be reading…

Mr Robot killed the Hollywood hacker
Article on MIT Tech Review about how hacking is depicted in Mr Robot.

Understanding Scan Count 0, Logical Reads N
Shane O’Neill details why the output of STATISTICS IO can sometimes show 0 scans but a non-zero value for logical reads.

Cassini sends back 1st images from new orbit around Saturn
CBC News article on the first images sent back by Cassini from Saturn

This is How I Work
Inspired by Adam Bertram’s post, Chrissy LeMaire shares details on her work setup

The 12 Days of 2FA: How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication For Your Online Accounts
The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s article on enabling 2FA for all your online accounts.

Have a good weekend!

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