SQL Server 2014 RTM

The new version of SQL Server will be here on Tuesday.

(Someone at Microsoft has a sense of humour in releasing the newest version of SQL Server on April Fool’s Day.)

At some point the usual argument about when a company should upgrade will be had. I’ve worked companies that have waited for the first service pack of a new version of SQL to come out and I’ve worked for companies that start implementing the new version as soon as it comes out.

I can see a lot of companies moving to SQL Server 2014 pretty quickly for one reason, the increase in the memory limit for Standard Edition from 64GB to 128GB. There are companies out there that have large databases running in Standard Edition, simply because they do not want to fork out for an Enterprise Edition licence.

This month will be quite interesting as there are always problems with a new version of software (see the KB article for SQL Server 2012 SP1 ). I’ll be watching the Connect site with interest.

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